Why a Type 1 Personality Wins Over a Type X

brainHave you ever taken a test to describe your personality type? I have taken several along my career path and have always found the results interesting. How do my responses determine how my brain is wired?  The most recent personality assessment put me in the “objective thinker” and conscientious categories.  Though I would have loved to come up as “results oriented” I feel pretty good about being known as someone who can make clear decisions independent of peer bias (totally me!) and follows through on promises made.

Dan Pink’s book “Drive…The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us” is chock full of information on what inspires people to be at their best. It is a great read and now I am following him on Twitter and FB.  In Drive, Dan describes two personality types – TYPE 1 and TYPE X – and after completing a cool 10 minute online survey, you can see where you fit.

So what is a TYPE 1?  These are people who are driven by inner rewards or intrinsic goals. If you are in this group, you are inspired more by an inner sense of fulfillment than by external incentives and rewards. TYPE X people are energized by outside forces or acknowledged recognition won by their actions.  The wealthy Donald Trump is a TYPE X – driven by the growth of his organizations, value, societal contributions, hotels etc. Mozart was a TYPE 1.  We all have qualities of both but tend to lean more in one direction over the other.

Take the quiz to see where you fall http://www.danpink.com/drive-survey/

It is definitely not the case that one type is better than the other.  That is a point Dan makes clear.  What he does do is provide reasons why being driven by our inner desires leads to a happier life in the long run. Type 1’s feel happy when they do things that have an enduring effect on their lives.  They aren’t  looking for applause or recognition.  Their achievement comes from doing things that will have a lasting effect on them and those they love. This doesn’t mean that they would turn a promotion or raise away.  Their happiness is fueled by living out their sense of personal purpose in life. In contrast, TYPE Xs are motivated by seeing their actions result in external rewards…their businesses flourish and their talents are well-known (Simon Cowell is another TYPE X).

The carrot however in being a TYPE 1 according to research, is that TYPE 1s have higher self-esteem, better interpersonal relationships and a greater sense of well-being than those who are externally motivated.

If after you take the quiz, discover your TYPE X personality and want to be more like a TYPE 1 – you can learn how…but you’ll have to read Dan’s book!  I came across it at the library (I love the library 🙂

P.S.  I came back as mostly a TYPE 1 – I think that is about right

Dan PInk

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