Enduring Day to Day…

blowing flowers (1)This is the time of year when we undergo the endurance test.  Vacations are behind us, the weather is cold, the work piles and we’re all trying to avoid catching the flu. Tests of endurance vary from person to person, family to family.  Sometimes it can be tested sporadically.  For example, as I walked to work from Penn Station last week, a guy blew past me running at lightening speed carrying luggage. Three seconds later, a construction worker also ran by in pursuit of the first guy.  I watched the construction worker, heavily weighed down with gear and heavy boots, run as fast as he could to catch the guy who had obviously just stolen someone’s luggage.  I could see the chase for a good block and a half go on, and though he gave it his all – the thief got away.  So frustrating to watch and my heart went out to the good guy.  I said a prayer of thanks for him and thought about how he probably didn’t think that his morning was going to include a chase down broadway.  Another more serious test of endurance is the kind that Robin Roberts of ABC News just went through and thankfully, has come away from.

Yes, our ability to endure whatever life brings is tested in different ways. We pray for those going through the more difficult.  I think of them when I am being tested to persevere and rise above the fray.  The last few weeks have been packed with travel, lots of work and just a ton of stuff to get done. Stress can get especially high when I haven’t seen my parents in a few days.  Thankfully, I have a strategy that I have used over the years to keep my endurance level up and the smile on my face.  I am not always able to do them – but most of the time – I am able to pluck one from this list and put it to work ….Best

  • Take a morning off that wasn’t planned.  I did that last week and visited my mom and dad in the morning.  I stayed for a little over an hour and enjoyed a cup of coffee and some croissants.  Wonderful
  • Take an unplanned visit some place fun.  Last week we visited the Harry Potter Exhibit.  It was really nice and the kids enjoyed it.  Memorable.
  • Insist on filling a part of the day doing something that you would have done if you were home.  My greatest source of strength is Scripture.  I start my day listening to radio broadcasts that share the Gospel. I reflect on the teaching and carry it with me throughout the day.  Nourishment 
  • Exercise is so important to endurance – both mental and physical.  I have discovered the elliptical at the gym and absolutely love it.  Strengthening
  • Read about things that have nothing to do with what you do.  I pick articles that are unrelated to my field.  I find them nice distractions.  Interesting
  • Reflect on the lives of people who inspire you….below are pictures of people who bring me great inspiration…


    My favorite President. How he helped the men endure. My favorite book on him is Washington on Leadership


I think about her ability to endure. Pope John moved the world.


Where would America be without Lincoln?

Bono Does So Much Good


Two women who had entirely different tests of endurance