Pew Research Report Says Dads Now Want More Time with the Kids

Dad-playing-kidsToday’s Washington Post contains an article about the common problems moms and dads encounter balancing work and family. For the first time dads are now saying that they prefer more time with their kids and are doing something about it.

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Families who choose to make the necessary changes to sustain a happy home with their children are to me, a model for us all. The road isn’t an easy one given financial and other pressures – but these dads are doing what it takes to make it work. If it means they stay home while mom totes the briefcase – so be it. After awhile they are finding that the more time they have with their kids – the more time they want with them. Although I think that has been the case for a very long time, dad’s are getting more vocal about it. For countless of them, spending more time with them ALSO means giving something up in either their career or some other personal pursuit.

Thought you might like to read about the topic from dad’s point of view.