Happy New Year

Hello and welcome to my blog “Truths To Inspire”.  This is my second try at inspiring friends through my writing.  We can all relate to how life makes it challenging to spend more of our time doing things we really love.  I love to write (and read galore!) but didn’t get my writing off the ground last year.  Wish me luck as I try over the 365 days ahead to deliver inspirational messages that motivate and warm your heart.  My hope is to update this site often and grow a healthy stream of visitors.  I’ll work on expanding its various sections a little bit at a time.  As you become more familiar with my theme, I hope that you will post comments and share ideas for new topics.  Enjoy my very first post and Happy New Year!

Hummingbirds are amazing

Hummingbirds are amazing

What We Can Learn from the Hummingbird?

Hummingbirds are my favorite birds.  These beautiful little creatures definitely live life in the fast forward lane.  You have seen them in flower filled pictures or perhaps in a Disney movie, quickly zipping by in TinkerBell’s beautiful fairy world.  As I studied these tiny warm-blooded birds over the years, I came to the realization that they offer a great perspective on happiness.

New Years always brings a great sense of excitement, new promises and resolutions to do more than the year before.  While aspirations are wonderful to have, the hummingbird reminds us of the value of living one day at a time and not jumping too far out ahead with long to-do lists.  Taking a lesson from the only bird that can fly backwards, hummingbirds know that their bodies must consume more than half their weight in nectar every day to survive.  They don’t store food even though they are at risk of starving while they sleep at night.  All their food energy is used during the day to fuel the tremendous energy needed to flap their tiny wings 200 times per second.  Every morning they awake to get their day’s “fill” of the right amount of food their bodies can hold. So what can we learn?  Perhaps in the New Year as we do all our planning and fill our days with so many tasks, we can try to focus more often on what we really need just for the day.  It is great to plan ahead and keep your to-do list fresh, but not at the expense of missing out on doing the things you love.  For me, I am trying to put the hummingbird lesson to work and spend a little more time doing something that “fills” my day, like writing.  I hope that the new year brings you happiness, health and time to do only that one thing that really matters to you, one day at a time.

Cheers to 2013!

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